Beach and Beach Tag Information In Avalon NJ

Avalon NJ Beach Tag Information

To offset some of the cost of maintaining and protecting Avalon NJ beaches for your enjoyment, Avalon NJ requires that beach tags be worn by all using the beach, 12 yrs. or older, 10 AM to 5 PM, May 31 through September 7, 2019.

Purchasing Beach Tags in Avalon NJ

Pre-season beach tags may be purchased weekends beginning April 11 at the Beach Tag Booth next to the Community Hall. Other Beach Tags may be purchased daily, April 25th - September 7th at the Booth or beginning June 1st from Beach Tag Inspectors on the beach.

Seasonal beach tags can also be ordered through the mail this Spring. Please send a stamped, self-addressed envelope, along with a check, to: Avalon Tax Office/Beach Tags, 3100 Dune Drive, Avalon, NJ 08202. Make check payable to: Borough of Avalon. Please indicate how many seasonal beach tags you are ordering at the $23.00 preseason price. You will be mailed a receipt from the tax office. During your next visit to Avalon, redeem your receipt for the number of beach tags that you ordered. Actual beach tags are not sent through the mail. Checks must be received at the Avalon Tax Office no later than May 25th, 2011. Weekly and daily tags cannot be ordered through the mail.

Beach Tag Fees

Beach Tag Fees are: Pre-season (purchased on or before May 31st) $23; Season Tag (effective May 31) $28; Weekly (Saturday through Saturday) $12; and daily $6.

**Reciprocity of beach tags is observed between Avalon and Stone Harbor.**

Protected Beaches in Avalon NJ

Swimming is permitted only at protected beaches where lifeguards are on duty, 10am to 5pm for the summer season. Use of rafts and surf boards are permitted only at designated beaches. If you swim before 10am or after 5pm or when lifeguards are not on duty or if you swim at a beach which is not a designated beach, you do so at Your Own Risk. A list of protected beaches are listed below as well as surfing beaches and raft beaches.

9th Street Avalon NJ          38th Street Avalon NJ
12th Street Avalon NJ        40th Street Avalon NJ
15th Street Avalon NJ        43rd Street Avalon NJ
18th Street Avalon NJ        50th Street Avalon NJ
21st Street Avalon NJ        57th Street Avalon NJ
24th Street Avalon NJ        61st Street Avalon NJ
26th Street Avalon NJ        65th Street Avalon NJ
28th Street Avalon NJ        69th Street Avalon NJ
30th Street Avalon NJ        73rd Street Avalon NJ
32nd Street Avalon NJ       76th Street Avalon NJ
35th Street Avalon NJ        78th Street Avalon NJ

Raft Beaches in Avalon NJ

12th Street Avalon NJ       40th Street Avalon NJ
18th Street Avalon NJ       50th Street Avalon NJ
24th Street Avalon NJ       61st Street Avalon NJ
28th Street Avalon NJ       69th Street Avalon NJ
35th Street Avalon NJ       78th Street Avalon NJ

Surfing Beaches in Avalon NJ

10th Street Avalon NJ       30th Street Avalon NJ


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